Mt.Triglav trekking - 3 days

Exploring the magnificent valley of the Seven Triglav Lakes in the heart of the Kingdom of the Goldenhorn and climb to the top of mystical Mt.Triglav. There are loads of hidden places to see when you have some time to spare. If you want to get the most of your Triglav ascent, we highly recommend this program!

Mt.Triglav trekking - 3 days

Mt.Triglav trekking - 3 days

Explore the Valley of the Seven Triglav Lakes
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Having fewer time limitations opens up different possibilities for the ascent. Trekking through the magnificent Seven lakes valley is easily combined with reaching the summit on the second day. There are loads of hidden places to see when you have some time to spare. If you want to get the most of your Triglav ascent, we highly recommend this program.

Who is it suitable for?

This program is suitable for the ones that want to explore the heart of the Triglav National Park as well as reach the summit of Mt.Triglav. It is great also for families and groups


390€ per person (min 3 persons)

The price includes professional guiding (IFMGA), transfers from Bled, Bohinj or Kranjska Gora and guides costs. It does not include food and accommodation at the huts (around 50€ per person per day)

More info:

We will start this trek above lake Bohinj. The path will lead us across the mountain meadows full of cows and friendly shepherds, slowly climbing out of the tree line. After about 3h walking we will reach the valley of the 7 Triglav lakes. After a break and perhaps lunch we will start exploring all 7 lakes and reach our mountain hut after another 3h of walk. The hut (Prehodavci) is already set in the rocky terrain well above the tree line and the views of the night sky here are amazing.

On the second day we will climb to the top of Mt.Triglav. A nice and secure via ferrata path will take us to the top and to the hut on the other side. Our IFMGA mountain guides will provide extra protection with a rope so you can relax and enjoy the climb to the fullest - about 2h ascent. After the ascent, you will climb down to the hut(about 1,5h via ferrata, Planioka hut), have some rest and hike down for about 2-3h to the second hut just above the tree line for another wonderful night in the mountains(Vodnikova hut).*

On the last day, you will explore the lush forests and mountain meadows. We will take you to a traditional mountain Cheesemakery where you will be able to taste fresh dairy products, enjoy the view and descend back to Bohinj. All together about 5h walk.

*Depending on weather conditions you might climb to the top also on the first day!

! The only part that is technically a bit more demanding is the via ferrata climb to the top of Mt.Triglav. You will be max 4 people per guide during this ascent and you will have harnesses, helmets and self belaying pack. Plus that you will be on short rope secured by a professional guide the whole duration of the ascent and descent. If you would still fell better to skip the climb you can take a normal path and meet the group at the second hut!


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